Unlocked Apple iPhone 7 Plus 3GB RAM 32/128GB/256GB ROM Quad-Core Fingerprint 12MP IOS LTE 12.0MP Camera Mobile phone smartphone


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You should ensure that before you purchase a Unlocked Apple iPhone 7 Plus 3GB RAM 32/128GB/256GB ROM Quad-Core Fingerprint 12MP IOS LTE 12.0MP Camera Mobile phone smartphone you have already seen and read the description of the products first. In this manner you can be sure that you are getting the right product that may work for you. Since this Unlocked Apple iPhone 7 Plus 3GB RAM 32/128GB/256GB ROM Quad-Core Fingerprint 12MP IOS LTE 12.0MP Camera Mobile phone smartphone has good quality it is among the best sellers in the market now and several people are recommending this product to their family and friends. These days this product is really affordable for almost everyone and it’s a very good buy your money can buy. You don’t need cheaper products if it will only sabotage your work and can not provide you with the sort of quality that you need in the product. With the higher price you may be sure that your cash will probably be worth spending in this product.

Please carefully read this information before you order this product.

Because this product \'s condition is used from original iphone,

seller will tested products carefully before shipping out,

so the current system version is the most suitable version of the phone,

hope customer don\'t update the system by themselves.

If customer update the system by themselves (Especially using WIFI upgrade, not PC-side upgrade),Cause phone appears some problems,like mobile phone reaction is not sensitive, restart, or even not turn on, etc., these are belong to man-made issues,not hardware quality problems, the seller can not accept refunds, returns, disputes or bad comments caused by such reasons.

hope you can understand.

About the waterproof function on the refurbished phones and used phone: . The waterproof function on all the refurbished phones and used phone will not be as good as it is on the brand new ones, which can be considerd as the refurbished and used phones can NOT support waterproof function. . And the waterproof function on refurbished phone and used phone does NOT support any testing by putting the phone directly into the water. Any problems after that will be considerd as man-made problem, and any dispute due to any kind of waterproof function testing on purpose will NOT be accepted by the seller. . Thanks for your understanding

Unboxing Video

In order to assure buyer\'s warranty from us ,please record a clear unboxing video when buyer opened the box at the first time ,if the parcel was empty ,damaged or incorrect weight ,please ask buyer\'s Post office or logistics to provide official document ,especially the claim request papaer,thanks.


The seller provides 4 months warranty for all products except accessories,if the buyer give us 5 stars feedback after received the parcel ,The seller will provide additional 2 months warranty as appreciation .The warranty of products will be invalid if buyer fix or disassemble it without seller\'s agreement ,please show the seller clear video including imei number if you have after-service problems ,thanks.

Customs Tax

Please check your local customs rules before you order products from overseas,every country has the Customs and recipient has possibility to be charged customs tax by local customs,recipient has duty to do clearance .Please clear customs in time when parcel is detained.And if need any help,can contact seller in the order message,thanks.

Remote Area Fee

DHL shipping method can be support in some of countries ,if buyer can choose DHL as their shipping method at the product page ,which means DHL can be used in his/her country .But if the customer\'s address is remote area,then the buyer not only need to pay the DHL shipping fee ,but also the remote area fee.

Order Cancellation

If you do not want this order anymore,please choose the cancel reason as "I don\'t want this order " , "processing time is out of my expectation" or "Other reasons" ,then the process of paying will be shut down and you get your refund very soon .Thanks.

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